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Denial of Service Attacking with Tin by The Clone

		'Denial-of-Service attacking with Tin'

Written by: The Clone
Date: July 30, 1999


I do not in any way whatsoever advocate Denial-of-Service
attacking. I do understand that DoS'ing is illegal. DoS'ing
will get you kicked off of your ISP, or in some cases arrested.
I strongly suggest you do not use this information for illegal purposes
but rather for learning and inspirational purposes only. 
If you do choose to use the information found within this document
for illegal purposes and either disrupt or crash any servers,
please be aware that I will not be held accountable. 


   Around two years ago I was searching through an abundant amount of
newsgroups, wasting time away. What I found very interesting was the
size of some of the postings. "Why are these postings so large?" I thought
to myself. Quickly enough I learned that people had attached numerous,
pictures, sounds, programs, etc on their posts for others to download.

Almost instantaneously, I thought "Now what if I were to say, e-mail myself
one of these postings?" So I did. Soon after, I checked my mail to find
an e-mail from myself with a posting from one of the groups. 67kb! Holy
shit. Now that's quite a huge file for one message. What if I were to
send myself a lot more messages, what then? I'd have a pretty full INBOX.

Which brings me to my next idea; mailing the newsgroup postings to 
multiple recipients! (It can be done). What I used was the tin newsreader. 
Available on most if not all Unix/Linux/BSD on-line shell accounts. 
By pressing 'tin' in your prompt, you will immediately be whisked away to 
the magical land of newsgroups. How do you know you're there? You get a
message something like this:

tin 1.2 PL2.6 [UNIX] (c) Copyright 1991-93 Iain Lea.
Connecting to
Reading news active file...   


Now then, keep in mind this; most ISP's allowing you to use Tin,
have great bandwidth and will send messages via Tin quite quickly.
Infact, some ISP's even have their own seperate servers for newsreaders.
It's smart. They suck up bandwidth quite quickly when multiple users are
posting messages, e-mailing messages, saving messages to localhost, etc.

"How would I go about DoS'ing with tin anonymously?"

Good question. My answer: go to a library that allows guest access with
telnet on Unix based machines, or telnet access on Windows based machines.

Next, find yourself a free shell online shell account with the option to use
Tin. May I suggest,, But those
are only a few. There are much more out there with more bandwidth to waste.

Finding the right newsgroups for your DoS attack is quite important. 
I suggest going to warez and sex groups. They ALWAYS have the most posts 
with the most attached files. Warez groups will have many games/appz/crackz, 
sex groups with have many many pictures, sounds and possibly movie clips
*grins evily*.

The next step is tagging your posts. By pressing the letter 't' and
holding it down until you've at least tagged 3000-5000 posts, you'll
be set. If the newsgroup you're at has less than this, try pressing
'r'. This toggles all/unread posts. 
The final step ladies and gentlemen is mailing the messages. 
How is this done? Easy! By pressing the letter 'm', you will then be asked 
to enter the e-mail address/addresses of the recipient(s). The maximum 
amount of recipients all depends on how long the address is. 
(ie. is it short like, or long like

I was able to enter around 20-25 e-mail addresses which is a fuck of a lot
of victims. Now hit enter. It will ask if you want to mail the tagged
messages. You hit enter again. Now you sit back, wait, laugh, and imagine
how pissed off they're going to be when they find the thousands of 
50 to 5000kb seperate e-mail's in they're INBOX. Before that all, they're
probably going to wait forever to get in they're INBOX [laughs at the people
who use GUI mail clients], or they won't be able to at all because they're 
ISP's/free e-mail hoster's mail server has crashed. 

(Note to reader: I once calculated the size of all the newsgroup mail's
 I sent, and they were from around 500MB to a whopping 11GB!)

Please remember, if you do sent lots of large enough messages you MAY
even crash your own ISP's mail server or get booted off the system by the 
Admin before you do. Crashing mail servers is very very serious shit and 
costs the ISP/company a lot of money to replace them. 

Now that I've explained one of the easiest Denial of Service attacks,
I'll leave you with a word of caution:

		"Don't try this at home." (seriously!)

Voice Mail: I-Post Universal Box - 1-800-909-6042


			N E T T W E R K E D
			   P R O D U C T

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