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TUCoPS :: Unix :: General :: ciac-0~2.txt

Unix Wall Rwalld




              Notice of Availability of Patch for rwalld/wall

Nearly one month ago, you received a bulletin from the Center for Computer
Security in Los Alamos, in which you were informed of two security holes in the
UNIX operating system.  These holes are in tftp and rwalld.  The Computer
Incident Advisory Capability (CIAC) at LLNL has been advised that Sun
Microsystems has a patch available for rwalld/wall.  You must obtain this patch
directly from Sun.  To obtain this patch, call Trevor Goldfisher at Sun
Microsystems, (415) 336-4971, or send email to 


Sun is continuing to work on the tftp hole.  However, patching rwalld/wall
substantially reduces the potential to exploit the tftp hole.

All operations offices were notified of the availability of this security 
patch two weeks ago.  Not every CPPM has been contacted, however, so I am 
sending this notice to every CPPM.  Please ignore this notice if you have 
already been contacted by your operations office.

                                 Gene Schultz
                                 CIAC Team Leader
                                 (415) 422-8193 or FTS 532-8193

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