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TUCoPS :: Unix :: General :: ca-9909.txt

CERT Advisory 99-09 Array Services insecure default configuration

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CERT Advisory CA-99-09 Array Services default configuration

   Originally released: July 19, 1999
   Source: CERT/CC
Systems Affected

     * IRIX systems running the Array Services daemon
     * UNICOS systems running the Array Services daemon
I. Description

   A vulnerability has been discovered in the default configuration of
   the Array Services daemon, arrayd. Array Services are used to manage a
   cluster of systems. The default configuration file, arrayd.auth,
   disables authentication and does not provide adequate protection for
   systems connected to an untrusted network.
   SGI has published the following document describing the vulnerability
   and solutions:
II. Impact

   On systems installed with the default configuration, remote and local
   users can execute arbitrary commands as root.
III. Solution

   Use "SIMPLE" authentication
   Reconfigure arrayd to use "SIMPLE" authentication. For more
   information about reconfiguring arrayd, please see the SGI security
   Disable the arrayd daemon
   If you do not need the capabilities provided by the arrayd daemon, you
   may wish to disable the daemon.
   The CERT Coordination Center would like to thank Yuri Volobuev and the
   SGI Security Team for their assistance in preparing this advisory.
   This document is available from:
CERT/CC Contact Information

          Phone: +1 412-268-7090 (24-hour hotline)
          Fax: +1 412-268-6989
          Postal address:
          CERT Coordination Center
          Software Engineering Institute
          Carnegie Mellon University
          Pittsburgh PA 15213-3890
   CERT personnel answer the hotline 08:00-20:00 EST(GMT-5) / EDT(GMT-4)
   Monday through Friday; they are on call for emergencies during other
   hours, on U.S. holidays, and on weekends.
Using encryption

   We strongly urge you to encrypt sensitive information sent by email.
   Our public PGP key is available from
   If you prefer to use DES, please call the CERT hotline for more
Getting security information

   CERT publications and other security information are available from
   our web site
   To be added to our mailing list for advisories and bulletins, send
   email to and include SUBSCRIBE
   your-email-address in the subject of your message.
   Copyright 1999 Carnegie Mellon University.
   Conditions for use, disclaimers, and sponsorship information can be
   found in
   * "CERT" and "CERT Coordination Center" are registered in the U.S.
   Patent and Trademark Office
   Any material furnished by Carnegie Mellon University and the Software
   Engineering Institute is furnished on an "as is" basis. Carnegie
   Mellon University makes no warranties of any kind, either expressed or
   implied as to any matter including, but not limited to, warranty of
   fitness for a particular purpose or merchantability, exclusivity or
   results obtained from use of the material. Carnegie Mellon University
   does not make any warranty of any kind with respect to freedom from
   patent, trademark, or copyright infringement.
   Revision History
   July 19, 1999:  Initial release

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