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TUCoPS :: Unix :: General :: arkeia1.htm

Arkeia Backup bad permissions





    Daniel  Wittenberg  found  following.   While  working  with   the
    commercial  version  of  Arkeia  backup  software  he  noticed  it
    creates  most  of  it's  "database"  files with the permissions of
    666.   This  was  version  4.2.8-2  of  the server, and Daniel had
    noticed this several updates ago,  so it's been going on  for some
    time.  The database files are located in /usr/knox/arkeia/dbase.

    Daniel tried resetting the permissions on the files, but they  get
    reset again when backup runs again.

    nlserved is  running as  root, and  root:root is  who owns all the
    files in /usr/knox/*.


    Author responded and said they  saw it as a known  "oversight" and
    it would be fixed in 5.0, some day, but they don't know when  that
    will be released.

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