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TUCoPS :: Unix :: General :: a6149.htm

lprng insecure temporary file creation
16th Apr 2003 [SBWID-6149]

	lprng insecure temporary file creation


	version lprng_3.8.10


	In Debian Security Advisory DSA 285-1  []
	Karol Lewandowski  discovered  that  psbanner,  a  printer  filter  that
	creates a PostScript format banner and  is  part  of  LPRng,  insecurely
	creates a temporary file for debugging purpose when it is configured  as
	filter. The program does not check whether this file already  exists  or
	is linked to another place writes its  current  environment  and  called
	arguments to the file unconditionally with the user id daemon.


	upgrade to latest version

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