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Pidgin vulnerability
Pidgin vulnerability
Pidgin vulnerability

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Ubuntu Security Notice USN-548-1          November 28, 2007
pidgin vulnerability
A security issue affects the following Ubuntu releases:

Ubuntu 7.10

This advisory also applies to the corresponding versions of
Kubuntu, Edubuntu, and Xubuntu.

The problem can be corrected by upgrading your system to the
following package versions:

Ubuntu 7.10:
  libpurple0                      1:2.2.1-1ubuntu4.1

After a standard system upgrade you need to restart Pidgin to effect
the necessary changes.

Details follow:

It was discovered that Pidgin did not correctly handle certain logging
events.  A remote attacker could send specially crafted messages and cause
the application to crash, leading to a denial of service.

Updated packages for Ubuntu 7.10:

  Source archives: 
      Size/MD5:    50647 96089eb50a7b671e85ae34579d261a13 
      Size/MD5:     1467 c8f381c53df16c7c48f37d1791456181 
      Size/MD5: 12868326 3de2ef29d4a62c515a223cba5d4c4671

  Architecture independent packages: 
      Size/MD5:   143250 2bd8553c5f54c1d801c2cba0033ecad3 
      Size/MD5:   123518 a6de723a4cac478c862eb0a3104934aa 
      Size/MD5:   257104 30c57242ae1fe458d4ec383289321045 
      Size/MD5:  1390274 6cab724db2fd3ece0efcd96ee0af4337 
      Size/MD5:   200036 e554277403d304d530540038162211d8 
      Size/MD5:   118784 4f93e518b726f52c8b80de02ad1625d0

  amd64 architecture (Athlon64, Opteron, EM64T Xeon): 
      Size/MD5:   310910 6d00e43ef0be60fe2c5db3e1cde48127 
      Size/MD5:  1565274 4c74db778897bed1782afea6a1c38742 
      Size/MD5:  4871182 31271504b5a4fc8192d713d09da99daf 
      Size/MD5:   646292 93e5eb84e32f3fba7de5270faf909a2d

  i386 architecture (x86 compatible Intel/AMD): 
      Size/MD5:   292670 46a2a01d100dda87d8ac0fffbb3c12cf 
      Size/MD5:  1453538 ee5e546d0516add420246a17ad93b279 
      Size/MD5:  4580778 21ea33720d2fe377426090fc55b62834 
      Size/MD5:   603440 9bb6a73b205318fb3129f8b259711ce5

  powerpc architecture (Apple Macintosh G3/G4/G5): 
      Size/MD5:   326628 98586b4303b729c727bd72ba925a06f5 
      Size/MD5:  1631546 0625ae9b6eb0695e11aae31dbc596cad 
      Size/MD5:  4842230 5c341ab354bff24a7a123b56ca33282c 
      Size/MD5:   678294 2f8ee075a90426ed3bdc6a937647b25f

  sparc architecture (Sun SPARC/UltraSPARC): 
      Size/MD5:   294508 29c52f55d7f31251ee2abe3812741083 
      Size/MD5:  1482860 46e3727c77c4ce6e45787820fff46728 
      Size/MD5:  4445306 865d1edbe88878f3bc06bd13d4857edc 
      Size/MD5:   609512 113d0464160560a69c773c79d686e1c7

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