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GnuTLS vulnerability
GnuTLS vulnerability
GnuTLS vulnerability

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==========================================================Ubuntu Security Notice USN-948-1              June 03, 2010
gnutls12 vulnerability
A security issue affects the following Ubuntu releases:

Ubuntu 6.06 LTS

This advisory also applies to the corresponding versions of
Kubuntu, Edubuntu, and Xubuntu.

The problem can be corrected by upgrading your system to the
following package versions:

Ubuntu 6.06 LTS:
  libgnutls12                     1.2.9-2ubuntu1.8

In general, a standard system update will make all the necessary changes.

Details follow:

It was discovered that GnuTLS did not always properly verify the hash
algorithm of X.509 certificates. If an application linked against GnuTLS
processed a crafted certificate, an attacker could make GnuTLS dereference
a NULL pointer and cause a DoS via application crash.

Updated packages for Ubuntu 6.06 LTS:

  Source archives: 
      Size/MD5:   558633 cfa2b4b5dca0d47cd1f99e40ec65a39a 
      Size/MD5:      827 525c9dffc5df8c6c312af2ea6d387548 
      Size/MD5:  3305475 4e1a2e9c22c7d6459d5eb5e6484a19c4

  amd64 architecture (Athlon64, Opteron, EM64T Xeon): 
      Size/MD5:   492576 1e3a14750f107c78ead283ebacb76750 
      Size/MD5:   421484 63c7d9fe2694083aa660deb2c88f48ac 
      Size/MD5:   289240 7d7f7c6a6d8eae25717ab86059f7f503 
      Size/MD5:   644314 24566e8f7a17f027ac6a03e15ef9f0cc

  i386 architecture (x86 compatible Intel/AMD): 
      Size/MD5:   446466 bd160ef2aa91584b1da2552092a9baf4 
      Size/MD5:   374316 070a982b790588479d2ff20f3b74467e 
      Size/MD5:   273046 d5d27abcb746ec11676bc33e67054ef8 
      Size/MD5:   579606 022fc6f598ced60f89df44fc7e344493

  powerpc architecture (Apple Macintosh G3/G4/G5): 
      Size/MD5:   485576 265f3737838d55b7086b4532b4782c4f 
      Size/MD5:   392298 c64576267ba35071e3849cb3ba0e0c61 
      Size/MD5:   289544 03137eecbe12b3b29ffdb1324a0142a7 
      Size/MD5:   636974 5ace4beaeeb425e52dc4530b8a2767b8

  sparc architecture (Sun SPARC/UltraSPARC): 
      Size/MD5:   482124 fe2acbbf637d0395c89076b55d9d1a49 
      Size/MD5:   377674 a2b5715015b403d08c8418ee6505b341 
      Size/MD5:   274178 63e516eda8eddd462e3e441e6db8c948 
      Size/MD5:   571530 b44f3b90199eca351b71bd5a20108d28

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