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TUCoPS :: Hacking Techniques :: trojan~2.txt

Everything about Trojans and How to use their options

|                             Everything about trojans and how to use their options                                                         
|                                                                   Author:tHe mAnIaC                                                                                        |
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{- Never think you know everything.There's always someone out there that knows more than you -}

A lot of people ask me the same question how to use trojans,how to infect someone,what is a trojan
and how is the trojan working so I decided to write this guide and explain everything about the
trojan horses and how to use them.

First I'll tell you what a trojan horse is.
A trojan horse is
-An unauthorized program contained within a legitimate program. This unauthorized 
program performs functions unknown (and probably unwanted) by the user.

-A legitimate program that has been altered by the placement of 
unauthorized code within it; this code performs functions unknown 
(and probably unwanted) by the user.

-Any program that appears to perform a desirable and necessary
function but that (because of unauthorized code
within it that is unknown to the user) performs functions unknown 
(and probably unwanted) by the user. 

Trojans can also be called RAT's, or Remote Administration Tools.  
The trojan got it's name from the old mythical story about how the greeks during 
the war, gave their enemy a huge wooden horse as a gift.
They accepted this gift and they brought into their kingdom, 
and during the night, greek soldiers crept out of the horse and attacked the city,
completely overcoming it.  

So you now know what a trojan horse is.The trojan horse has a client and a server.If you want 
to rule someone's computer you should make him or her run the server file.The you should just
connect to them with the client and of course with their IP written there.

If you want to get someone's IP via ICQ just see it in their info or go in dos and write "netstat"
you'll see it there
If the user is on IRC just write /dns nickname and of course put the user nickname
Most of the new trojans has options that when the victim run the server it will e-mail you back
their IP and other information.It will e-mail it to every e-mail you want using their STMP server.
Now you should make the victim run the server you can tell that it's some kind of program
or something else use your imagination.Then when you have their IP just write it down in the
client click "Connect" button and then you can what you want on their computer of course with
the options that the trojan has.
Each trojan has it's own set of functions, or abilities
Almost every trojan out now has the ability to use a file manager.  
When they run this, the user will be able to view/delete/move/upload/download/execute any 
file off your hard drive(s).The file manager ability can be very dangerous.  
It lets the user able to upload any type of file, virii, other trojans, etc, and then RUN them.
There are also many other dangerous abilities that these trojans possess.
Some just feature a button that will let you simply format the victim's C:/ drive, which 
would totally erase their hard drive.  Other dangerous functions include being able to start a 
FTP server on the victim's hard drive, and setting a designated port so anyone could 
download/upload/execute files on your pc. 
Most new trojans have the ability to steal your list of cached passwords, 
and even your dailup account password and user name.
Another very malicious ability is that for example Sub Seven,
has a feature to allow you to modify the startup registry info.
That can be very dangerous to your computer.  
Then they usually have less dangerous abilities, such as hide mouse, control mouse, 
restart windows, send to URL, show picture, notepad flood, etc.
These aren't very harmful, but can be very annoying, and scary to someone 
who has no clue what is happening to him/her.

Now I'll tell you how are the trojans working
When the victim runs the server it does functions like opening some specific port and listening
for connections.It can use TCP or UPD protocols.
When you connect with the victim IP the you can do what you want because the server let you do
the trojan functions on the infected computer.Some trojans restart every time Windows is loaded.
They modify win.ini or system.ini so the trojan can restart but most of the new trojans use the
registry so they can restart.
Some trojans has unique options like get ICQ UIN,add me to the victim contact list,ICQ spy that
let's you see all the messages that the victim is sending via ICQ etc.
Trojans are dangerous thing and they can destroy completely.
A lot of people ask me what will the hacker do once he's on your computer.Well
the common data a hacker looks for would include but not limit to the following. 

     Credit Card Information 
     Credit Information 
     Checking Account Information 
     Any accounting data 
     Data bases 
     Mailing Lists 
     Personal Addresses 
     Email Addresses 
     Account Passwords 
     Home Office / Small Business Information 
     Company Accounts / Subscribed for Services 
     Any Company Information / Services He Can Access 

     Your or spouse's first and last name 
     Children's names / ages 
     Your address 
     Your telephone number 
     Letters you write to people 
     Your personal resume 
     Your family pictures 
     School work 
     Any school accounts / information 

Noone wants to see this information on some pages because it's your privacy.

Trojans are made every day by the programers with new options and with better encryption so
the Anti-Trojan software can't detect them.So noone knows how many are the trojans on the net.
But the programmers are still programming trojans and they will continue in the future.

Technically, a trojan could appear almost anywhere, on any operating system or platform. 
However, with the exception of the inside job mentioned previously, the spread of trojans works 
very much like the spread of viruses. Software downloaded from the Internet, especially shareware or freeware,
is always suspect. Similarly, materials downloaded from underground servers 
or Usenet newsgroups are also candidates.There are thousand of programs with not checked 
source and new programs are appearing every day especially the freeware one so they can all be

So be careful what you're downloading and from where you're downloading it

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