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TUCoPS :: Hacking Techniques :: tjwingat.txt

Fun with "Trojan" Wingates

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                     Fun with "Trojan" Wingates by Wyzewun
.-= {-=+=-} {-=+=-} {-=+=-} {-=+=-} {-=+=-} {-=+=-} {-=+=-} {-=+=-} {-=+=-}=-.

Allright, here's a lame little idea for the purpose of abusing hacker kiddies.
Scenario: It's a Sunday afternoon. There is nothing to do. The sun is cooking
your brain and you've hardly the energy to move, let-alone actually do
something that requires an IQ above that of an oyster. What do you do?

Step One
Install a Sniffer on your box. There is a nice collection of sniffers at or alternatively, if you have
friends like Vortexia who are lamer warez kiddies that can leech stuff for
you, have a NT/98 box as your gateway and install Sniffer Pro by Network
Associates on it. It's a seriously kickass proggy - Even though NAI suck. :P

Step Two
Anyway, so for lack of anything better to do, lets go to and
look at the list of Wingates. Hmmm... Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit - Aaah,
here's one that works - lets say - - Right, so now we have
a Wingate. Errr... So What?

Step Three
[drew@kung-fusion]$ cat > phjeeer << seckz
nc 23
echo shj3esh j0or a fuqn tw1t
[drew@kung-fusion]$ chmod 755 phjeeer

Step Four
Hmmm. I'm still bored. I know! I think I'll su and edit some random junk into
my /etc/inetd.conf or something...

Before Eliteness...
#telnet stream tcp nowait root /usr/local/libexec/tcpd /usr/libexec/telnetd

After Eliteness...
telnet stream tcp nowait drew /usr/local/libexec/tcpd /home/drew/phjeeer

Now we 'killall -9 -HUP inetd' - loose our connection to that lame IRC
session which wasn't even vaguely interesting anyway, and we are now left just
as bored as before.

Step Five
I'm bored. I think I'll telnet into myself...

[drew@kung-fusion]$ telnet
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.

A Wingate! Fuqn shit du0d! I'm gonna go back to and add
myself to the Wingate list so peeble can abj00ze me too!@#$%

And then...
Within a few hours, our sniffer logs begin to pick up all sorts of interesting
things like usernames and passwords for things people shouldn't be accessing,
lamers making fools of themselves on IRC and all sorts of funny stuff. Aaah,
at last. Entertainment at the expense of the hacker community. Who says we
aren't united, man? I *Love* these guys...

But Remember...
This can be dangerous and if you don't select the Wingate to abuse carefully
you may end up getting yourself in more trouble than you bargained for. Don't
be stupid. :)

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