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About different kinds of Trojans

                    About Different Kinds Of Trojans
                           Author: tHe mAnIaC
                 Contact me at :

                         Remote Access Trojans

These trojans are the most popular trojans now.Everyone wants to have
such trojan because he or she want to have access to their victim's hard
drive.The RAT'S (remote access trojans)are very simple to use.Just make
someone run the server and you get the victim's IP and you have FULL
access to his or her computer.They you can almost everything it depends
of the trojan you use.

But the RAT'S have the common remote access trojan functions like:
keylogger,upload and download function,make a screenshot and so on.Some
people use the trojans for malicious purposes.They want just to delete
and delete.This is lame.But a have a guide about the best way to use a
trojan.You should read it.

There are many programs out there that detects the most common
trojans,but new trojans are coming every day and these programs are not
the maximum deffence.

The trojans do always the same things.If the trojan restart every time
Windows is loaded that means it put something in the registry or in
win.ini or in other system file so the trojan can restart. Also the
trojans create some file in the WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory.The file is
always looking to be something that the victim will think is a normal
WINDOWS executable.Most trojans hide from the Alt+Ctrl+Del menu.This is
not good because there are people who use only this way to see which
process are running.There are programs that will tell me you exactly the
process and the file from where it comes.Yeah but some trojans as I told
you use fake names and it's a little hard for some people to understand
which process should they kill.The remote access trojans opens a port on
your computer letting everyone to connect.Some trojans has options like
change the port and put a password so only the guy that infect you will
be able to use the computer.The change port option is very good because
I'm sure you don't want your victim to see that port 31337 is open on
their computer.Remote access trojans are appearing every day and they
will continue to appear.

For those that use such trojans: BE CAREFULL you can infect yourself and
they the victim you wantet destroyed will revange and you'll be sorry.If
you don't know anything about trojans DON'T USE THEM.


                        Password Sending Trojans

The purpose of these trojans is to rip all cached passwords and send
them to specified e-mail without letting the victim about the
e-mail.Most of these trojans don't restart every time Windows is loaded
and most of them use port 25 to send the e-mail.There are such trojans
that e-mail other information too like ICQ number computer info and so
on.These trojans are dangerous if you have any passwords cached anywhere
on your computer.



These trojans are very simple.The only one thing they do is to log the
keys that the victim is pressing and then check for passwords in the log
file.In the most cases these trojans restart every time Windows is
loaded.They have options like online and offline recording.In the online
recording they know that the victim is online and they record
everything.But in the offline recording everything writen after Windows
start is recorded and saved on the victims disk waiting for to be



The only one fuction of these trojans is to destroy and delete
files.This makes them very simple and easy to use.They can automatically
delete all your .dll or .ini or .exe files on your computer. These are
very dangerous trojans and once you're infected be sure if you don't
desinfect your computer information will no longer exist.


                              FTP trojans

These trojans open port 21 on your computer letting EVERYONE that has a
FTP client to connect to your computer without password and will full
upload and download options.

These are the most common trojans.They all are dangerous and you should
me carefull using them.

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