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PC Cyborg Trojan

Subject: AIDS Software Trojan!!

 [Note: This message came from Usenet.  Please copy it into local sysop
 conferences, etc. to ensure wide distribution.  THIS IS NOT A JOKE!]

 From: Alan_J_Roberts@cup.portal.COM
 Date: 12 Dec 89 19:26:00 GMT

 This is an urgent forward from John McAfee:

     A distribution diskette from a corporation calling itself PC
 Cyborg has been widely distributed to major corporations and PC user
 trojan.  The Chase Manhattan Bank and ICL Computers were the first to
 report problems with the software.  All systems that ran the enclosed
 programs had all data on the hard disks destroyed.  Hundreds of
 systems were affected.  Other reports have come in from user groups,
 small businesses and individuals with similar problems.  The
 professionally prepared documentation that comes with the diskette
 purports that the software provides a data base of AIDS information.
 The flyer heading reads - "AIDS Information - An Introductory
 Diskette".  The license agreement on the back of the same flyer reads:

 "In case of breach of license, PC Cyborg Corporation reserves the
 right to use program mechanisms to ensure termination of the use of
 these programs.  These program mechanisms will adversely affect other
 program applications on microcomputers.  You are hereby advised of the
 most serious consequences of your failure to abide by the terms of
 this license agreement."

 Further in the license is the sentence: "Warning: Do not use these
 programs unless you are prepared to pay for them".

 If the software is installed using the included INSTALL program, the
 first thing that the program does is print out an invoice for the
 software.  Then, whenever the system is re-booted, or powered down and
 then re-booted from the hard disk, the system self destructs.

 Whoever has perpetrated this monstrosity has gone to a great deal of
 time, and more expense, and they have clearly perpetrated the largest
 single targeting of destructive code yet reported.  The mailings are
 professionally done, and the style of the mailing labels indicate the
 lists were purchased from professional mailing organizations.  The
 estimated costs for printing, diskette, label and mailing is over
 $3.00 per package.  The volume of reports imply that many thousands
 may have been mailed.  In addition, the British magazine "PC Business
 World" has included a copy of the diskette with its most recent
 publication - another expensive avenue of distribution.  The only
 indication of who the perpetrator(s) may be is the address on the
 invoice to which they ask that $378.00 be mailed:

           PC Cyborg Corporation
           P.O. Box 871744
           Panama 7, Panama

 Needless to say, a check for a registered PC Cyborg Corporation in
 Panama turned up negative.

 An additional note of interest in the license section reads:
 "PC Cyborg Corporation does not authorize you to distribute or use
 these programs in the United States of America.  If you have any doubt
 about your willingness or ability to meet the terms of this license
 agreement or if you are not prepared to pay all amounts due to PC
 Cyborg Corporation, then do not use these programs".

 John McAfee

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