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TUCoPS :: Hacking Techniques :: bo-tut.txt

Harmless Back Orifice Tutorial

From BMANSF@RURAL.COM Sat Feb 20 11:04:56 1999
Newsgroups: alt.2600
Subject: Learn BO basics
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 1999 15:04:56 -0400

Harmless tutorial for Back Orifice..

Here is a quick guide to the operation of Back Orifice. I will not go
into the details of launching the interface and explaining to you what a
help file is. If you do not know how to launch a program or find a help
file; Learn  more and then come back later. This program is not for
beginners to play with! If you are new, then just take in the essay and
wait till later.

The whole purpose of explaining how to operate this program is to show
you the seriousness of having a Trojan on your machine. Until I had
arranged to have a friend allow me to infect him, I had no idea of the
details and amount of  data someone can easily gather from your machine.
The operating system that Microsoft designed, has very serious holes
that almost any teenager with a minimal amount of knowledge can exploit
using software easily downloaded from the Internet.

I will be telling you how to play with the program with the full consent
of a friend or on another machine you own. Do not attempt to gain
entrance to someone elseís machine!

Everything you do on the Internet is logged and recorded by lots of
people. All servers you go to have a log file! The log file maintains a
record of your visit using your IP number. The Internet provider you log
onto the net with, keeps a log of your activities. And most importantly,
as you are about to find out;
The operating system you are using is keeping a log of every keystroke!

As you will soon see using this Trojan, Every program you have ever run
on your machine is displayed! Even deleted ones! All passwords for
everything on your machine is easily brought up on the screen with one
keystroke! Passwords for your Internet connection or secure site is
simple stuff to find.

You will freak out when you fully understand the implications of this
program in the hands of angry kids! Or,  you  may understand that
software like this and even more powerful, could be used by corporations
or government as easily!

As a programmer and avid technologist, I fail to understand why
Microsoft insists on placing files like "system.dat" and others in their
operating system. I am a country "hick", so I suppose itís in my nature
to mistrust government and fast talking corporation heads that look like
they are in organized crime gangsJ


You are in danger of losing all personal privacy! Use this program only
with a friend, or on a machine you own. Do not do anything else! Erase
the program from your hard drive using a good eraser program (available
on the members site.) Then get your butt into high gear and begin making
yourself more anonymous on the net as well as in your machine! Learn how
to become invisible and invincible! Join the members site and take the
first steps.

Here is a site where the program was developed. (Please use an anonymous ftp mailer or a proxy
before going in there and downloading the program. As with any site on
the net, it will log your IP.)

The zip package contains eight files. Read the "BO.TXT" before you do
anything! (Real computer dudes have learned the wisdom of reading what
the author wants you to know about their program.)

BOGUI  is the name of the client. The client is you! This program, when
launched, will open into the graphical user interface you are used to
seeing on windows. It is from here where you will control your friends

BOSERVE is the file you have to give to your friend in order to gain
entrance. Do not click or launch this program. If you do, you have just
installed a back orifice program which turns your machine into a server!
(You will have to refer to the "Removal" part of this tutorial in order
to clean it off your machine and begin again.)

Now, Plug in the IP address of the machine you infected while you are
connected to the net. Line up the menu item entitled "system info", and
press the send button.

You should get back a response that will list the name of the registered
owner of the operating system along with various details like processor
and ram amounts.

Now you are in! Play around with the various menu items like "system
dialog" where you can send messages to the user of the infected machine
that come up as little system boxes with an "OK" button in them. It will
take several hours to have a good idea of the information and
manipulation possible using this Trojan. Keep in mind that this is one
of more than forty known types of Trojan horse programs on the net!

If you have been infected by one of these Trojans, or you suspect you
may be;

Use several good antivirus programs to test your system. Do not depend
on one antivirus scanner to do everything. None of the antivirus
detectors have been able to detect the back orifice Trojan when I
customize the configuration options. However, almost 9 out of 10 are
sent with the basic configuration of using port 31337 and having a known
name. They are good for stopping them before they get in my machine by
analyzing the zip file, but once they have been launched inside by a
competent person who has effectively used the configuration
options........No way!

If you already have the Trojan inside your machine, get a good Trojan
cleaner like "The Cleaner" by MooSoft. Do not use tiny freeware programs
to monitor your system for Trojans. Sometimes, programs are released on
the net which promise to rid you of these pesky Trojans while placing
one inside you! If you cannot get rid of it, you will have to prepare to
reformat your hard drive and reinstall the operating system from a clean
CD-ROM. If you were as paranoid as me, you would do it as regularly as
defraging your hard drive!

You must learn all you can about the hazards on the net and using a
computer. The people who  produce Trojan horse type programs as well as
those who make viruses, are using the only tools and methods at their
disposal to send you a message!

Please learn enough about your computer to safeguard your privacy.

If you have any questions or comments, let me know


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