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TUCoPS :: Security App Flaws :: nav8~1.txt

Norton Antivirus fails to restart on NT machines with Novell Netware client




    Novell Netware


    Greg Rice  found following.   Even with  auto-protection  enabled,
    Norton  Antivirus  fails  to  restart  when  users  login  to  any
    workstation which has been logged off at least once.

    Systems Affected/Tested:

        - Norton AntiVirus 5.00.01C under
        - Windows 95/98 with Novell Netware Client

    Auto-protection  is  a  typical  feature  found  in  a  variety of
    antivirus  software  packages  to  automatically  scan files being
    downloaded,  copied,   or  executed   on  a   workstation.    With
    auto-protection enabled under Norton AntiVirus, navapw32.exe loads
    each  time  the  machine  is   booted.   Under  a  normal   system
    configuration this service continues  to run and scan  files until
    the  machine  is  powered  off.   However  with the Novell Netware
    Client  installed,  the  auto  protection  service also shut downs
    every time the first user logs off of the machine.  When the  same
    user or different one logs back onto the machine the service fails
    to restart.   The service must  either be manually  started by the
    user  or  the  system  must  be  rebooted.  When tested on systems
    without the Novell client the service restarted each time the user
    signed off and back onto the windows machine.


    The  problem  also  seems  to  extend  to  other  Norton Utilities
    packages such as the Norton Protected Recycle Bins  (nprotect.exe)
    and other "auto-protect" software.    This isn't really a  problem
    with Norton AntiVirus or other software packages but it is a  flaw
    (feature?)  in  the  Novell  Client  that could have a significant
    impact on  some system  administrators in  trying to  protect user
    machines against malicious code.

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