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Norton Antivirus 6.10.20 defect on Win2000 LiveUpdate patches hang Win2K

    Norton Antivirus


    Norton Antivirus 6.10.20 defect on Win2000


    Lance  K.  Kujala  found  following.   A  Heads  up for all Norton
    Antivirus 6.10.20 users using Windows 2000.  The latest  round  of
    "Live Update" patches will "hang" Windows 2000.  Symantec  appears
    to be aware of this (an  eariler set of updates was rereleased  to
    fix a similar problem).  Further, the onlne techsupport news group
    has dozens of similar reports.

    Symptoms?   Enable NAV  Auto-Protect or  scan C:  drive for virus.
    Result applications, explorer, task manager slowing go into limbo;
    eventually  the  mouse  stops  responding  and  keyboard lights no
    longer toggle.   Ctrl+Alt+Del does nothing.  Waiting (4 hrs)  does
    nothing.  The computer is hung.

    The NAV version in use is 6.10.20.  The virus definition files are
    dated 6/30/2000.


    Disable NAV Auto-Protect and  don't scan for viruses  (pretty much
    makes NAV useless at this point).   Alternative is no to run  Live
    Update, until Symantec fixes the problem (out of date DAT's is much
    better than no DAT's at all).

    Note that the  problem appears to  be different than  the one with
    the June 16 & June 19 definition files.  According to the Symantec
    site, the June 21 definition files  should be ok.  The URL  to the
    symantec site is...

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