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NAV 7.x for Corp. Edition roaming profile inconsistencies

    Roaming Profiles


    NAV 7.x for Corp. Edition


    Peter Heath found  following.  When  the user logs  off, the newer
    roaming profile will NOT be  uploaded to the PDC every  time, only
    once in while?  Admin seems to have no problems, but a Domain User
    has to  log OFF/ON  a number  of times  in the  same session (day)
    before it's  uploaded.   On the  \\Local\Winnt\Profile folder  and
    the  \\PDC\Profile$  folder,  the  permissions  are  as   follows:
    Everyone:Full, System:Full  and Administrator:Full.   The  "Access
    this computer from the Network" includes the Everyone Group.

    Sometimes a user can  go days/weeks without their  roaming profile
    be uploaded. Sometimes the profile  is uploaded 2 days in  row and
    then go a week without an upload? Very puzzling.


    Symantec has  confirmed (see  link below)  this to  be a  problem.
    Symantec's  NAV  Enterprise  Solution  4.0  &  4.01 (SSC 4.0 & NAV
    Corp. Ed. 7.0/7.01) are  interfering with NT's logoff  process and
    prevents, in most cases,  the Roaming Profile from  being uploaded
    to the PDC.

    Note: Symantec's NAV Enterprise Solution 4.01 was rushed out to
    their Upgrade Insurance Program customers because NAV Enterprise
    Solution 4.0 was causing all sorts of problems.  Looks like the
    problems still exist (see link):

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