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CA Response: eTrust InoculateIT/Antivirus 6.0 for Linux vuln
CA Response: eTrust InoculateIT/Antivirus 6.0 for Linux vulnerability

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Computer Associates has been investigating the vulnerability claims
from the recent Bugtraq posting, related to eTrust Antivirus 6.0 for
Linux. Though it is too early to determine the accuracy of this
claim, and the platforms it may cover, Computer Associates takes this
and any claims regarding the quality of our solutions, with the
utmost importance.  Computer Associates will be investigating this
further, and if substantiated, will notify our customers of any
impact this may or may not have within their environment, and the
steps that should be taken to remediate any risk. If any eTrust
Antivirus customer believes they have been affected by this, we
recommend that they report their issues with our Customer Support
Center at (866)422-2774, or can monitor the posting of information at 
Thank you!

Greg Jensen
Computer Associates
Product Manager - eTrust

Version: PGP 8.0.3


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