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Norton AntiSpam Remote Buffer Overrun (#NISR19042004a)
Norton AntiSpam Remote Buffer Overrun (#NISR19042004a)

NGSSoftware Insight Security Research Advisory

Name: Norton AntiSpam Remote Buffer Overrun
Systems Affected: Windows XP (not confirmed on 2000)
Severity: High
Vendor URL: 
Author: Mark Litchfield [ ] 
Date Vendor Notified:    4th March 2004
Date of Public Advisory: 19th March 2004
Advisory number: #NISR19042004a
Advisory URL: 


Symantec's Norton AntiSpamT 2004 filters unwanted email out of your inbox.
Working with any POP3 email program, it filters incoming mail on multiple
levels, detecting and flagging unsolicited messages while promptly
delivering valid mail. To make your online time more enjoyable, Norton
AntiSpam also blocks intrusive pop-up and banner ads.
It is worth mentioning here, that Norton AntiSpamT is also packaged within
Norton Internet Security 2004 and Norton Internet Security 2004


Installed with Norton AntiSpam is an ActiveX component that is marked safe
for scripting, namely SymSpamHelper Class (c:\program files\common
files\symantec shared\antispam\symspam.dll).
Using the method LaunchCustomRuleWizard with an overly long parameter, an
attacker can cause a stack based overflow allowing the ability to remotley
run arbitrary code on the target.  This can be achieved either by
encouraging the 'victim' to visit a malicious web page or placing a script
within the content of an (html) email.

Fix Information

Shipped with all Symantecs products is the LiveUpdate feature. Open Norton
AntiSpam or Norton Internet Security / Professional and select the
LiveUpdate feature which will retrieve the lastest patch.  Also worth
mentioning is Symantec's quick response to this issue in ensuring their
clients remain protected.

About NGSSoftware
NGSSoftware design, research and develop intelligent, advanced application
security assessment scanners. Based in the United Kingdom, NGSSoftware have
offices in the South of London and the East Coast of Scotland. NGSSoftware's
sister company NGSConsulting, offers best of breed security consulting
services, specialising in application, host and network security

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