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Norton Internet Security Remote Command Execution (#NISR19042004b)
Norton Internet Security Remote Command Execution (#NISR19042004b)

NGSSoftware Insight Security Research Advisory

Name: Norton Internet Security Remote Command Execution
Systems Affected: XP (not confirmed on 2000); NIS & NIS Pro 2004, not
confirmed on previous versions.
Severity: High
Vendor URL: 
Author: Mark Litchfield [ ] 
Date Vendor Notified:    4th March 2004
Date of Public Advisory: 19th March 2004
Advisory number: #NISR19042004b
Advisory URL: 


Symantec's Norton Internet Security 2004 Professional protects you and
your business from online threats. It eliminates viruses automatically,
blocks hackers, safeguards your personal information, fights spam, increases
online productivity, recovers lost or damaged files, and thoroughly deletes
confidential data you no longer need.


Installed with Norton Internet Security and Professional is an ActiveX
component that is marked safe for scripting, namely WrapNISUM Class
(c:\program files\Norton Internet Security Professional\WrapUM.dll).
Using the LaunchURL method an attacker has the ability to force the browser
to run arbitrary executables on the target.  In a real world attack, this
would more than likely take the form of a UNC path.  It's important to note
here that on those windows operating systems that support the WEBDAV
redirector file system if the UNC path cannot be reached over TCP port 139
or 445 it will switch to TCP Port 80 (http).  Needless to say this aspect
will allow attacks to go through corporate firewalls.  The attack can be
achieved either by encouraging the 'victim' to visit a malicious web page or
placing a script within the content of an (html) email.

Fix Information

Shipped with all Symantec's products is the LiveUpdate feature. Open
Internet Security / Professional and select the LiveUpdate feature which
will retrieve the lastest patch.  It's worth mentioning Symantec's quick
response to this issue in ensuring their clients remain protected.

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