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TUCoPS :: Security App Flaws :: ca200117.txt

Check Point RDP Bypass Vulnerability

CERT Advisory CA-2001-17 Check Point RDP Bypass Vulnerability

   Original release date: July 09, 2001
   Last revised: July 12, 2001
   Source: CERT/CC
   A complete revision history is at the end of this file.
Systems Affected

     * Check Point VPN-1 and FireWall-1 Version 4.0 & 4.1

   A vulnerability in Check Point FireWall-1 and VPN-1 may allow an
   intruder to pass traffic through the firewall on port 259/UDP.
I. Description

   Inside Security GmbH has discovered a vulnerability in Check Point
   FireWall-1 and VPN-1 that allows an intruder to bypass the firewall.
   The default FireWall-1 management rules allow arbitrary RDP
   connections to traverse the firewall.
   FireWall-1 and VPN-1 include support for RDP, but they do not provide
   adequate security controls. Quoting from the advisory provided by
   Inside Security GmbH:
     By adding a faked RDP header to normal UDP traffic any content can
     be passed to port 259 on any remote host on either side of the
   For more information, see the Inside Security GmbH security advisory,
   available at

   Although the CERT/CC has not seen any incident activity related to
   this vulnerability, we do recommend that all affected sites upgrade
   their Check Point software as soon as possible.
II. Impact

   An intruder can pass UDP traffic with arbitrary content through the
   firewall on port 259 in violation of implied security policies.
   If an intruder can gain control of a host inside the firewall, he may
   be able to use this vulnerability to tunnel arbitrary traffic across
   the firewall boundary.
   Additionally, even if an intruder does not have control of a host
   inside the firewall, he may be able to use this vulnerability as a
   means of exploiting another vulnerability in software listening
   passively on the internal network.
   Finally, an intruder may be able to use this vulnerability to launch
   certain kinds of denial-of-service attacks.
III. Solutions

   Install a patch from Check Point Software Technologies. More
   information is available in Appendix A.
   Until a patch can be applied, you may be able to reduce your exposure
   to this vulnerability by configuring your router to block access to
   259/UDP at your network perimeter.
Appendix A

Check Point

   Check Point has issued an alert for this vulnerability at

   Download the patch from Check Point's web site:

Appendix B. - References

   Our thanks to Inside Security GmbH for the information contained in
   their advisory.
   This document was written by Ian A. Finlay. If you have feedback
   concerning this document, please send email to:
 CA-2001-17 [VU#310295]
   Copyright 2001 Carnegie Mellon University.
   Revision History
July 09, 2001: Initial Release
July 09, 2001: Removed references to RFC's describing RDP. Specifically,
               we removed the references to RFC-908 and RFC-1151.

July 09, 2001: Added reference to Check Point's security document.
July 12, 2001: Added version 4.0 to systems affected section.

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