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TUCoPS :: Security App Flaws :: bt560.txt

What Win2k SP4 doesn't fix (security), but says it does...

In my testing these security bulleints aren't fixed in Win2k SP4, 

but are documented that they are at this link:


1. MS02-053. It fixes the FPSE 2000 vulnerability, but 

not FPSE 2002.

2. MS03-019. It updates the vulnerable files in only 1 

location, not both locations where niislog.dll is stored 

(\inetpub\scripts and \winnt\system32\windows 


3. MS02-032. It fixes WMP 6.4, but only updates 2 of the 

5 vulnerable files in WMP 7.1.

4. MS03-014. It fixes the vulnerability for OE 5.5, but not 

OE 6.0 SP1.

One that did get fixed, but is not documented in the 

link, is MS01-022 (as of this post).

Anyone else find these in their testing?

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