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Symantec NAV 7.6 CE Major Fault

Symantec NAV 7.6 Corporate Edition has a MAJOR fault when running on XP. 

It simply will NOT scan floppies on the fly (even with the most 

restrictive settings enabled) This is a bug that has been confirmed by 

Symantec (after 3 months of sitting on their bum doing absolutely NOTHING 

about it) 

I still haven't seen a solution - other than dumping the product yet.

Below are snippets from actual Symantec tech support e-mails.

"With 7.61 on the XP Pro machine (your Vectra) we did not catch the virus 

at the floppy, however we did catch it when we burned it to CD. 

I tested with 7.61 build 45 on XP PRO.. not your machine.. we did not 

catch the virus at the floppy. 

I tested the 8.01 on a machine that wasn't yours as well and it worked as 


I am thinking at this point there could be a couple of things happening. 

1)XP PRO does something between NAV 7.6x and the floppy 

2) XP PRO does something to Nav 7.6x "

I think they should advertise this widely but.....

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