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Webwasher Classic Error-Message XSS Vulnerability

Webwasher Classic Error-Message XSS Vulnerability


WebWasher Classic is vulnerable to a XSS attack.

If a HTTP GET-Request, containing script code, is sent to the
proxy port (default 8080/TCP), an error page is shown, which contains the
requested URL in the message body. 
Thereby no validation of the requested url, regarding script code, is done.

It has to be mentioned, that if WebWasher proxy runs in server mode, the
port is accessible from the network. If WebWasher proxy runs in client mode,

only connections from localhost are possible.


- 3.3 Build 44
- 2.2.1 


The vulnerabilty was verified on the Windows platform. 
I did no tests for Linux and MAC. The vuln. might also
be existing in WebWasher for these OS's.



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Oliver.Karow[AT] - 06/11/2003

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