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Trend micro control manager (tmcm) persistent xss vulnerability
Trend Micro Control Manager (TMCM) Persistent XSS Vulnerability
Trend Micro Control Manager (TMCM) Persistent XSS Vulnerability

Trend Micro Control Manager (TMCM) Persistent XSS Vulnerability
June 23, 2006

Product Overview:
Trend Micro Control Manager is a centralized, web-based outbreak
management console designed to simplify enterprise-wide coordination
of outbreak security actions and management of Trend Micro products
and services. Trend Micro Control Manager acts as a central command
center for deployment of Trend Micro's threat-specific expertise
across the network and to select third-party products to proactively
manage outbreaks.

Vulnerability Details:
Trend Micro Control Manager is vulnerable to a persistent,
unauthenticated XSS attack. This vulnerability can be exploited by an
attacker to obtain full administrative access to the TMCM
administration console, compromising the integrity of the corporate
enterprise anti-virus infrastructure.

This vulnerability stems from TMCMs failure to sanitize audit log
content when displaying it through the management console. As such, an
attacker may inject script into the username field at the login page.
Any logins, failed or successful are then available in the Access Log
for execution when viewed by an authenticated administrative user.

Affected Versions:
Trend Micro Control Manager 3.5
Olders versions may also be affected.

Control network access to the TMCM web console.


Vendor was contacted on several occasions with no response.


Thank you,
Darren Bounds

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