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TUCoPS :: Security App Flaws :: b06-2779.htm

rPSA-2006-0096-1 spamassassin
rPSA-2006-0096-1 spamassassin

rPath Security Advisory: 2006-0096-1
Published: 2006-06-07
Products: rPath Linux 1
Rating: Minor
Exposure Level Classification:
    Remote Root Deterministic Unauthorized Access
Updated Versions:


    Previous versions of spamassassin have a remote unauthorized access
    vulnerability only in a non-default and very uncommon configuration.
    It affects only systems where spamd is used with vpopmail virtual
    users, via the "-v" or "--vpopmail" switch, and when the "-P" or
    "--paranoid" switch has been used.  Both switches have to be enabled
    for the vulnerability to exist.

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