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TUCoPS :: Web :: Specific Sites :: b06-2317.htm Short Url & Url Tracker Script Short Url & Url Tracker Script Short Url & Url Tracker Script

((This is the second script I've tested from these people. It will be assumed for right now  that all of their scripts contain full path disclosure errors as well as XSS'ing))=0D
=0D Short Url & Url Tracker Script=0D
Short Url Service with Url Tracker can be one of the most useful tools for any online marketer. =0D
Most of the online marketers don't want to send emails with URLs that break making the recipient have to go through the work of copying and pasting it into there browser window.=0D
Most of them don't want to use one program to create a tiny url and than having to access another one to track it . =0D
Effected files:=0D
Exploit: SQL injection of the file login.php leads to full path disclosures. The form you use to submit urls in is not filtered either, so a user can submit malicious data like 

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