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UNIX/NT Web servers with PDGSoft's Cart. Buffer Overflow

    PDGSoft Shopping Cart


    UNIX/NT Web servers with PDGSoft's Cart.


    Following  is  based  on  Cerberus  Information Security Advisory.
    The Cerberus Security Team has discovered two buffer overflows  in
    two  of  the  executables  that  come with PDGSoft's Shopping Cart
    These overruns  can be  exploited to  execute arbitrary  code by a
    remote attacker.

    The two executables with the vulnerabilities are redirect.exe  and
    changepw.exe  both  of  which  are  accessible  over  the web.  If
    supplied  an  overly  long  query  string  both  will  overflow an
    internal buffer overwriting the saved return address.


    The vendor has made available a patch for every affected platform.

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