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phpShop Vulnerabilities
phpShop Vulnerabilities

Vendor  : phpShop Project

URL     : 

Version : phpShop 0.6.1-b && Earlier Versions(??)

Risk    : Multiple Vulnerabilities


phpShop is a PHP-based e-commerce application and PHP development framework. 

phpShop offers the basic features needed to run a successful e-commerce web 

site and to extend its capabilities for multiple purposes. phpShop uses a 

nice development framework that allows web developers to easily extend its 

functionality through the use of modules. Its web-box architecture makes it 

easy to understand and work with, while providing powerful function management 

capabilities for your web application needs. It is one of the most popular

php SQL driven e-commerce solutions available today.

SQL Injection Vulnerability:

phpShop is prone to SQL injection when updating a session. The issues can

be exploited via injection of SQL Commands issued to the "page" variable. 

The same issue is also present when adding an item to the shopping cart via 

the "product_id" variable. While not as serious, the offset variable is also

prone to SQL Injection. The offset injection is not likely to be exploited.

Below are examples of the vulnerabilities mentioned above.




It should also be noted that even if an attacker cannot successfully execute a

malicious query, they can inject code thus allowing for Cross Site Scripting.

User Information Disclosure Vulnerability:

It is possible for a user to gain a great deal of information about any customer

by querying the "account/shipto" module. All that is required is to be logged in

under a valid account. One can then also view the administrators information. As

we can see from the below code, there is no check to see if the person querying

the information belongs to the account he/she queries.





Example: /?page=account/shipto&user_info_id=[Valid User ID] 

The User ID's usually start around number 18 - 20 So it is easy to guess.An 

attacker can then view the info of any customer. The information includes

Address Nickname, Company Name, Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, Address,

City, State, Zip Code, Country, Telephone, Fax Number

This is obviously not good and can be useful in aiding an attacker in other

attacks, such as social engineering, and password enumeration. Not to mention

it greatly violates the privacy of the customer.

Script Injection Vulnerability:

An attacker can input malicious script or HTML into his shipping information.

This will then be executed by an administrator or shop owner when viewing the

attackers order. It may be used by an attacker to have an administrator carry

out commands or execute administrative functions unknowingly.

Cross Site Scripting:

Cross Site Scripting in phpShop is just insane. It takes place on almost any and

every page. This is not an exaggeration either unfortunately. This takes place

because a large number, if not majority of the variables a user passes to the script

via the GET method are printed directly to screen using php echo with NO type of

sanitizing at all. Furthermore, any page you try and visit that you do not have

access to will allow XSS because ANY variable you pass to the get method will be

stored in the login form as a hidden field. 


Will allow for Cross Site Scripting, strangely enough. Like I said before, XSS is

possible on just about every page of phpShop, so I am not going to spend hours 

making a list of hundreds of instances of the XSS vulns, but a handful of examples 

are provided below.
















The developers were first notified of this issue early in December 2003. Initially we

kept in touch and exchanged ideas on the best way to resolve these issues. However I

not heard from the developers in over two weeks. I have tried reaching them via both 

email, and their forum to no avail. I do know that a fix/update is being developed, but

due to lack of communication I have no idea on the current progress of that. My advice

to phpShop owners/webmasters is to keep an eye on for a fix. It has been 

in development for roughly a month so I am pretty sure it will be public soon.


Credits go to JeiAr of the GulfTech Security Research Team. 

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