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CactuSoft CactuShop v5.x shopping cart software multiple security vulnerabilities
CactuSoft CactuShop v5.x shopping cart software multiple security vulnerabilities

       S-Quadra Advisory #2004-03-31

Topic: CactuSoft CactuShop v5.x shopping cart software multiple security
Severity: High
Vendor URL: 
Advisory URL: 
Release date: 31 Mar 2004


CactuShop is an ASP application for running an e-commerce web site. It
incorporates a databased catalogue system, front end pages for product
navigation, back end pages for updating product details and robust
basket code for memorizing product selections as a visitor moves around
the web site. ASP software is designed to run on a Microsoft NT or Win
2000 server and to use MS Access, MS SQL Server or MySQL as a backend.
Please visit for information about CactuShop 
shopping cart.


-- Vulnerability 1: SQL Injection vulnerability

An SQL Injection vulnerability has been found in following scripts :
'mailorder.asp' and 'payonline.asp'. User supplied input parameter is
'strItems' not filtered before being used in an SQL query. Thus the
query modification through malformed input is possible.

Successful exploitation of this vulnerability can enable an attacker
to execute commands in the system (via MS SQL xp_cmdshell function).

-- Vulnerability 2: Cross Site Scripting vulnerability found in

By injecting specially crafted javascript code in url and tricking a
user to visit it a remote attacker can steal user session id and gain
access to user's personal data.

--PoC code

--Vulnerability 1:

Platform: MS SQL Server as a backend

Posting this data to 'payonline.asp' executes 'dir c:' command

strAgain=yes& D_Password=&

-- Vulnerability 2:



11 Mar 2004: S-Quadra alerted CactuSoft (CactuShop developers) on these
15 Mar 2004: CactuSoft response:

"1) SQL Injection

On payonline.asp and all mailorder pages the strItems field is now
parsed for single-quote (') characters before being used with database
queries. Single quotes are escaped (replaced with 2 single-quotes) to
ensure SQL Injection won't work.

2) Javascript Injection

The strImageTag field is parse for HTML tags characters (< and >) and
are removed from the string. This should ensure against 

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