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Comersus Cart Improper Request Handling
Comersus Cart Improper Request Handling

Comersus Cart Improper Request Handling 

Release Date:
July 6, 2004


Comersus Open Technologies

Tested on Comersus Cart 5.09
Previous versions may also be affected.

Remotely executed from any web browser

Technical Details:
The unethical user is able to modify the parameters to change the pricing
before the order is processed through PayPal.  This would allow the
unethical user to place a fraudulent transaction which many times isn't
caught until the product is already shipped OR the shopping cart owner is
charged a chargeback fee when refunding the order.


http://[VICTIM]/comersus/store/comersus_gatewayPayPal.asp?idOrd er=2002&Order

Vendor Fix:
Update to 5.098 
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