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QShop priviledge escalation CGI:

ZH2003-2SA (security advisory): QShop priviledge escalation
Published: 09/07/2003

Released: 09/07/2003

Name: QShop priviledge escalation

Affected Systems: QShop v2.5 (and older versions?)

Issue: Remote attackers can obtain full access to the remote system




Zone-h Security Team has discovered a serious security flaw in QShop v2.5
(and older versions?). This storefront system allows remote
administration for an online shopping system. The remote administration
usually is in the directory /qshop/admin.



Q-Shop is an ASP shopping cart / storefront system that covers all the
needs for ecommerce web sites. Q-Shop is not just a shopping cart but a
full online shop system including web based shop administration.

In the remote administration there is a script that allows the
administrator to add images, text etc. on the webserver. This page is by
default located at: /qshop/admin/upload.htm . This page is reachable
without authentication. Using this sample upload script it is possible
for a remote attacker to upload files like ntdaddy.asp, cmd.asp,
explore.asp on the webserver gaining full access to the webserver.



The vendor has been contacted and a patch is not yet produced



Delete the upload procedure.

G00db0y - admin

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