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Xpressions Software: Multiple SQL Injection Attacks To Manage WebStore

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From: "Paul Craig" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, June 04, 2003 5:02 AM
Subject: Xpressions Software: Multiple SQL Injection Attacks To Manage

Pimp industries.

Xpressions Software : Multiple SQL Injection Attacks To
Manage WebStore(s).


When your suppliers and trading partners can interact with your
organization as a seamless extension of your internal business
processes, you'll see dramatic improvements in your ability to take
advantage of new market opportunities.

A Web Application service combining Enterprise Planning and e-Bid
process for the Manufacturing Industry.

An eCommerce framework for the floral industry that integrates with RTI
system for seemless order entry and wire services.

Enterprise eCommerce services that integrates Backoffice software such
as Inventory Sytem, Order Entry, and reporting.

Website Integration
Website Integration service combines your corporate site with your
Backoffice software to create robust Intranet and Extranets.

No user supplied data is correctly parsed for SQL queries before being
execuited and thus allows for an attacker inject his/her own queries in
any user supplied post data.
A more direct and dangerous attack however can be taken at the
administration page.
User: admin
Pass: ' or '1' = '1

This would allow the attacker to fully manage the site with admin
This exploit is found in every product they make.

The severity of this increases since no cryptography is used when
storing senstive data such as other users passwords and credit card
data, leaving them all in plaintext and in clear view of our attacker.

Company Status:
Company was contacted, no reply was given.

Suggestions/Work Arounds:
Move/htauth the manage directory, uninstall!

sozni, all .nz, decx, hx, and anyone else with more than two

Paul Craig
Security Researcher
Pimp Industries

"He who laughs last thinks slowest!"

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