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Zend Google Data Client Library Preview 0.2.0 - multiple XSS
Multiple XSS Vulnerabilities in Zend Google Data Client Library Preview 0.2.0
Multiple XSS Vulnerabilities in Zend Google Data Client Library Preview 0.2.0

Armorize Technologies Security Advisory

Advisory No:



Armorize-ADV-2006-0008 discloses multiple cross-site scripting vulnerabilities that are found in the sample codes of Zend Google Data Client Library (, which provides a PHP 5 component to execute queries and commands against Google Data APIs from your PHP applications. For example, Google Base, Calendar, Blogger, and CodeSearch each have a data API following the Google Data protocol. 

Affected Software:
ZendGData Preview 0.2.0

Vulnerability Description:
Cross Site Scripting

Privacy leakages from the client-side may lead to session hijacking, identity theft and information theft.


1. Escape every questionable URI and HTML script.
2. Remove prohibited user input.

Credit: Security Team at Armorize Technologies, Inc. ( 

Additional Information:
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