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TUCoPS :: Web :: Servers :: wlogic6.htm

BEA WebLogic Server prior to V5.1.0 - Service Pack 7 buffer overflow, race condition



    Bea WebLogic Server prior to V5.1.0 - Service Pack 7


    Following is based on a Defcom Labs Advisory def-2000-04 by  Peter
    Grundl.   It  is  possible  to  trigger  a race condition that can
    result in the stack and registers being partially overwritten.

    WebLogic Server has a specific handler for URL requests that start
    with "dotdot". By  sending a large  URL (..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaxlots
    more)  and  disconnecting,  it  is  possible  to  trigger a buffer
    overflow.   The  result  can  be  anywhere  from  crashing the web
    server,  to  executing  arbitrary  code  on  the  server  with the
    privileges of the web server (which usually means LocalSystem).


    Upgrade to Bea Weblogic 5.1.0, Service Pack 7:

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