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TUCoPS :: Web :: Servers :: webste24.txt

Website Pro 2.4 buffer overflow




    Windows NT running Website Pro  2.4


    Following is  based on  a Cerberus  Information Security Advisory.
    The Cerberus  Security Team  has discovered  a buffer  overflow in
    O'Reilly's Website Pro 2.4.  This overflow can be exploited by  an
    attacker to execute arbitrary code.

    There are many ways to cause  this overflow - for example with  an
    overly long "GET" request or overly long "Referer" client  header.
    The saved  return address  is overwritten  gaining control  of the
    httpd32.exe process.   By overwriting the  return address with  an
    address in memory that contains the  "call ebx" or jmp ebx" it  is
    possible to land  back in the  user supplied buffer  where exploit
    code would be placed.


    O'Reilly were informed of this on 23rd of June 2000, and the issue
    has been fixed in the 2.5 release available at

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