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Lotus Domino Web Server Host/Location Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
17th Feb 2003 [SBWID-5993]

	Lotus Domino Web Server Host/Location Buffer Overflow Vulnerability


	Lotus Domino Release 6.0


	Thanks to  David  Litchfield  [david@ngssoftware]  and  Mark  Litchfield
	[]  of  NGSSoftware   Insight   Security   Research,
	advisory [#NISR17022003a] :
	Lotus  Domino  and  Notes  together  provide   a   featured   enterprise
	collaboration system with Domino providing application server services.
	Lotus Domino 6  suffers  from  a  remotley  exploitable  buffer  overrun
	vulnerability when performing a redirect operation.  When  building  the
	302 Redirect response, the  server  takes  the  client  provided  "Host"
	header and implants this value into the  "Location"  server  header.  By
	requesting certain documents or views in certain  databases  the  server
	can be forced to perform  a  redirect  operation  and  by  supplying  an
	overly long  string  for  the  hostname,  a  buffer  can  be  overflowed
	allowing an  attacker  to  gain  control  of  the  Domino  Web  Services
	process. By default these databases can be accessed by anonymous  users.
	Any arbitray code supplied will  run  in  the  context  of  the  account
	running Domino allowing an attacker to gain control of the server.


	 Fix Information
	IBM Lotus Notes and Domino Release 6.0.1  is  now  available  and  being
	marketed as the first maintenance release. IBM say if customers  haven't
	already upgraded or migrated to Notes and Domino 6, now is the  time  to
	move and start reaping the benefits of this existing and highly  praised
	release. Release  6.0.1  includes  fixes  to  enhance  the  quality  and
	reliability of the Notes and Domino 6  products.  It  does  not  however
	mention any security issues, and NGS would strongly  advise  to  upgrade
	as soon as possible not to just tp "reap the  benefits"  but  to  secure
	the server and data against possible attacks.
	The upgrade / patch can be obtained from
	A check for this issue has been added to DominoScan R2, a  comprehensive
	automated intelligent assessment tool for Lotus Domino Servers of  which
	more information is available from the NGSSite
	 Further Information
	For further information about the scope and effects of buffer overflows,
	please see
	 About NGSSoftware
	NGSSoftware design, research and develop intelligent, advanced application
	security assessment scanners. Based in the United Kingdom, NGSSoftware have
	offices in the South of London and the East Coast of Scotland. NGSSoftware's
	sister company NGSConsulting, offers best of breed security consulting
	services, specialising in application, host and network security
	Telephone +44 208 401 0070
	Fax +44 208 401 0076

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