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Lotus Domino DOT Bug Allows for Source Code Viewing
13th Feb 2003 [SBWID-5989]

	Lotus Domino DOT Bug Allows for Source Code Viewing


	Verified in Lotus Domino version 5 & 6


	Faz [] found :
	If you append a period to the end of a non-default Lotus file type  (non
	.NSF, .NTF, etc) via your browser URL request, you will be  prompted  to
	download the file. This has a possible repercussion of  the  ability  to
	view the source code for  such  add-in  web  handlers  such  as  Crystal
	Reports, Perl scripts  and  others.  In  some  cases  (such  as  Crystal
	Reports) where such file types are server-side run  (similar  to  .ASP),
	they may reference additional INCLUDE  files  that  contain  logins  and
	passwords. An attacker  can  easily  use  this  technique  to  view  the
	server-side source code and additional INCLUDE files to  obtain  private
	For example: <-- End the URL with a <period> . <-- notice the <space><period> <-- combination of hex <space> and an ASCII period <-- All hex values
	will return the actual .CSP source code instead of the compiled  report.
	This seems to work for all types of non-native Lotus Domino file  types.
	A short term workaround is to create Domino redirection filters for  the
	various non-native file types and  ending  them  with  the  combinations
	above, but some creative formatting of the URL can easily  bypass  these
	redirection filters.


	None yet

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