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Talentsoft Web+ remote buffer overflow
14th Mar 2002 [SBWID-5184]

	Talentsoft Web+ remote buffer overflow


	Web+ 4.6/5.0


	David   Litchfield   of   NGSSoftware    Insight    Security    Research
	[] posted in advisory [#NISR13032002] :

	Web Markup Language (wml) scripts files are  created  that  contain  the
	application logic. These are requested by a  web  client  from  the  web
	server using either an ISAPI filter (webplus.dll) or  a  CGI  executable
	(webplus.exe). These are known as Web+ clients. The Web+  client  passes
	this request to the Web+ plus server for dispatch.

	When a request is made for an

	overly long wml file an unchecked buffer is overflowed and the saved return

	address on the stack is overwritten. 



	Get patch from :


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