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Essentia Web Server DoS and directory traversal
25th Feb 2002 [SBWID-5134]

	Essentia Web Server DoS and directory traversal


	Essentia Web Server 2.1



	Tamer Sahin [] found following :

	The  Essentia  Web  Server  provides  Enhanced   Web   Application   and
	Communication Services. Whether you are setting up a simple Web Site  on
	your Corporate Intranet  or  creating  large  sites  for  the  Internet,
	Essentia provides a simple and flexible way to  make  an  even  stronger
	Web and Applications Platform. []


	 Denial of Service



	Essentia Web Server is subject to a  denial  of  service.  Submitting  a
	request of unusual length to the host will cause the server to crash.  A
	restart is required in order to gain normal functionality.





	 Directory Traversal



	Adding the string \"/../\" to an URL allows  an  attacker  to  view  and
	download any file on the server.








	The new release can be downloaded from the following link:


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