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Compaq Web-Based Management reveals sensitive info

    Web-Based Management


    Compaq Web-Based Management on Netware (Software version 2.28 verified)


    Following is based on  a iXsecurity Security Vulnerability  Report
    iXsecurity.20001107.compaq-wbm.a.   The  default  installation  of
    Compaq Web-Based Management on a Netware server reveals  sensitive
    system files.

    Anyone that has access to port  2301 on a Netware server can  read
    the system password (Remote Console password):


    is  accessible  for  everyone  by  default  and contains sensitive
    system files:


    The system password (Remote Console password) and other  passwords
    (SNMP  ControlCommunity)  may  be  in  clear  text in any of these

    Many  administrators  install   Compaq  Web-Based  Management   by
    default  when  they  are  installing  Netware on a Compaq machine.
    Web-Based Management listens on port 2301 and anonymous access  is
    allowed by default.   Some Compaq installations  have ports  49400
    and 49401 open too.  These ports are not verified.


    Compaq recommend that you disable the web agent until a resolution
    has been provided.

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