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SmallHTTPServer 2.01 3 vulnerabilities



    SmallHTTPServer 2.01


    Following is based on a 403-security Security Advisory by Kotarac

    1st Problem:
    By  default  if  user  send  request  without  file name specified
    (http://host/subdirectory/)  HTTPServer  will  look for index.html
    in that folder and if doesn't exist it will fill memory with  68K.
    Directory doesn't  need to  exist.   So anyone  can write  a small
    program that sends lot requests to fill out memory.  (5000 request
    will fill 300Mb of memory)

    2nd Problem:
    SmallHTTPServer  supports  ServerSidesIncludes.   When  HTTPServer
    finds SSI Tag that looks like this <!--#tag_name= <*EMPTY> --> it
    will   crash.      #tag_name    can    be   any    of    supported
    (#fsize,#include,#printenv...). In order to execute SSI tags  file
    must be *.shtm or *.shtml.

    3rd Problem:
    This insecure  Server will  crash if  attacker sends  out few GET,
    HEAD  or  POST  requests  and  closes  connection  before   Server


    Vendor fixed this problem by issuing new version (2.03).

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