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Savant WWW url-encoded characters filtering problem

    Savant WWW


    Savant WWW Unicode version 2.1


    Following is based  on a Hexyn/Securax  Advisory #18.   Savant WWW
    Server is an HTTP server for Windows 9x/NT.  A bug allows any user
    to change  to any  directory, and  in most  cases, execute  MS-DOS

    Savant filters "/.." out of the string, but forgets "%2f..".

        HTTP Directory of //../../../
        <directory listing of c:\>

    - When the user does  not know a directory which  allows listings,
      one  cannot  get  a  listing,  but  one  can still download know
    - When the user know  a directory which allows CGI-execution,  one
      can execute MS-DOS commands using:

    Bug discovered by t-Omicr0n.


    At this time, no patch is available yet.

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