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TUCoPS :: Web :: Servers :: savant4.htm

Savant Web Server - how to crash



    Savant 3.0 web server


    'Phiber' found following.  Savant  web server has been written  by
    Michael Lamont.  It is very configurable freeware http deamon  for
    win95/98.  It's current version is 3.0.

    It is known that  you can crash Savant  web server 2.1 and  2.0 by
    sending something like this '%00'(that was discoverd by Ussr), and
    it  was  fixed  in  version  3.0  but something like that is still
    present in 3.0; by sending something like (e.g.)

    web server can be crashed.


    Nothing yet.

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