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PlanetIntra v2.5 Exploitable Buffer Overflow



    PlanetIntra v2.5


    Following  is  based  on   a  Security  Bulletin   010125.EXP.1.12
    by S.A.F.E.R.   A buffer overflow  exists in PlanetIntra  software
    that allows remote execution of code.

    A buffer  overflow (at  least one,  possibly more)  exists in 'pi'
    binary which allows remote user to execute commands on the  target

    For example, request like:

        GET /cgi-bin/pi?page=document/show_file&id=<A x 10024>

    will trigger the overflow.

    Exploit will be released in 2 weeks (this is subject to change).


    There is a patch for this.

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