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Netsnap webcam server overflow



    Netsnap Webcam


    SNS  Research  found  following.   Netsnap  is  a  webcam software
    package  for  Win95/98/NT/2k  which  in  addition  to  filming and
    picture taking allows the user to directly publish his/her footage
    to  the  web.   To  do  this,  Netsnap  is  equiped  with  its own
    HTTP-server.  Netsnap  can be found  on vendor Pelesoft's  Netsnap

    There's a problem in the handling of GET requests by named server.
    An  unchecked  buffer  here  can  be  overflowed  by  a  string of
    approximately  342  bytes,  effectively  crashing  the  server and
    allowing the execution of arbitrary code.


    After  discussing  this  issue  with  the  vendor,  Pelesoft  have
    released version 1.2.9 of their Netsnap software, which eliminates
    the problem.  Users are encouraged to obtain the new version asap.

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