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Long URL causes TelCondex SimpleWebServer to crash


I've found a vulnerability in TelCondex SimpleWebServer 2.06.20817 Build
3128 (tested on Windows XP Professional). It could be that prior
versions are also affected.

It's possible to crash the web server application with a long URL
(starting from 539 Chars)[1]. You'll see a popup message on the victims

You have to restart the httpd service to get a running web server.

I've informed on 02/10/12 about the bug. After a
really friendly response[2] the new version 2.09 without the bug is
available at

Bye, Marc

[1] e.g.[...]AAA

[2] We discussed the bug and it seems that the problem is in the 32 bit
command control for showing the URLs. In other words, every operating
system reacts in another way.

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