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TUCoPS :: Web :: Servers :: httpd103.htm

IBM HTTP Server 1.3.6 Blue Screen of Death



    IBM HTTP Server 1.3.6


    Benjurry  found  folllowing.   IBM  HTTP  Server  (IHS)powered  by
    Apache  is  based  on  the  Apache  HTTP Server, which is the most
    popular server on the Web.  This HTTP Server runs on AIX, Solaris,
    Windows NT, HP-UX, and Linux.

    On IBM HTTP Server 1.3.6 (Win2k Simplify Chinese version), if  you
    Get /......(in my computer,216 ".")aaa, that is to say, if you get
    a rwquest with  219 characters, the  Server will be  BSOD, and the
    server display the following message

        ***Address 804B3A51 base at 80400000,Datastamp 384D9B17-ntoskrnl.exe Then the server must to be restart by Administrator.


    Update to IBM HTTP Server (IHS)1.3.12

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