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TUCoPS :: Web :: Servers :: goahead2.htm

GoAhead Webserver v2.1 /aux vulnerability



    GoAhead Webserver v2.1


    nemesystm  of  the  DHC  found  following.   GoAhead  is  well,  a
    webserver.   It has  a denial  of service.   Vulnerable is  anyone
    running  GoAhead  Webserver  v2.1  with  Windows 9x/ME.  We assume
    prior versions are vulnerable as well.

    To test this vulnerability, try the following; send a request like
    this one:

        GET /aux

    then hit return twice.

    It looks like everything is  normal, but trying to visit  any page
    on the webserver is impossible.


    Not known at the moment: vendor did not reply.

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